What is Menstrual Health & Awareness Day?

Menstrual Health and Awareness Day (MHAD) was first celebrated and marked in India on 5th February 2019. The day was commemorated first time in the form of a unique period themed festival called the ‘Period Fest’ and a one of its kind rally called the ‘Pad-Yatra’ which saw partic- ipation from 6,000 people in Delhi that included students, teachers , youth and others. Read more…


The day is inspired by the Menstrual process as the average period cycle is of 28 days which simulates with the 28 days of February and 5 is the average number of bleeding days in a period that is denoted by the date 5th, this similarity made this day interesting as well as logical. There are some more reasons to celebrate Menstrual Health and Awareness Day espe- cially marked on 5th February as this day provides favourable Read more…


India is a country of diversity and often menstrual myths are grounded in religious be- liefs. These beliefs are hence held closely by people and followed as well. However, these myths prohibit girls and women from managing their period in a healthy manner. Therefore, it is important to break this cycle of myths and taboos. Celebrating Read more…

Menstrual Hygiene and Awareness Day 2020 as
Happy Periods Day!

“LET’S PUSH THE STIGMA AWAY” Periods in most parts of our country are often associated with shame, girls are often told
by their mothers and sisters to hide their periods. This leaves a significant impact on their
psyche and the shame and silence often gets translated into low self-confidence and Read more…

Glimpses from Menstrual Health & Awareness Day 2019

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MHAD 2020 Participants

Activities Guide 2020 For Celebrating “Menstrual Health & Awareness Day” as
“Happy Periods Day”

This brief Activities Guide will help teachers, students,
NGOs and other stakeholders understand the importance
of celebrating Menstrual Health & Awareness Day and will
also provide them with guidance and ideas to conduct interactive activities to celebrate this day as “Happy Periods
Day” in their respective schools, communities etc.

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Celebrating Menstrual Health and Awareness Day as Happy periods Day on 5th Feb 2020 is a great way to do your bit in creating a society that is free of Menstrual Taboos and is a place where girls and women can effectively maintain menstrual health and hygiene. 

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