What is Menstrual Health & Awareness Day?
Menstrual Health and Awareness Day (MHAD) was first celebrated and marked in India
on 5th February 2019.
The day was commemorated first time in the form of a unique period themed festival
called the ‘Period Fest’ and a one of its kind rally called the ‘Pad-Yatra’ which saw participation from 6,000 people in Delhi that included students, teachers , youth and others.
The purpose behind this mass event and the day was to create awareness, sensitization
and knowledge on menstruation.


Why 5th February?
The day is inspired by the Menstrual process as the average period cycle is of 28 days
which simulates with the 28 days of February and 5 is the average number of bleeding
days in a period that is denoted by the date 5th, this similarity made this day interesting
as well as logical.
There are some more reasons to celebrate Menstrual Health and Awareness Day especially marked on 5th February as this day provides favourable conditions for mass action/
awareness events:

• Since the weather in most of India is pleasant for outdoor campaigns.
• Due to absence of holidays and examinations, school/college students can comfortably become a part of MHAD campaigns.


Significance of celebrating Menstrual Health and Awareness Day:
India is a country of diversity and often menstrual myths are grounded in religious beliefs. These beliefs are hence held closely by people and followed as well. However,
these myths prohibit girls and women from managing their period in a healthy manner.
Therefore, it is important to break this cycle of myths and taboos. Celebrating such a day
will help normalize the conversations around Menstruation and will consequently help
eradicate these stigmas from the society.
Menstrual Health and Awareness Day will help centralize the efforts of various organizations to:

• Reduce silence and stigma around menstrual health and hygiene.
• Create sensitization and knowledge on the process of menstruation.
• Create awareness about the normal, abnormal and alarming aspects of menstrual
• Facilitate access to safe and hygienic menstrual management products.